Dangers of Insulin Rationing

Dangers of Insulin Rationing
Alec Smith was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes older than most, at the age of 24. The cost for insulin and other supplies was $250 a month; expensive but bearable.

Then he had to get off his mother’s insurance at the age of 26 and, unable to find a reasonable plan, tried to go to the pharmacy and pay out-of-pocket. The cost was $1,300 for a month’s supply.

“He left without anything, thinking he could make what he had in his supplies last until payday,” says his mother, Nicole Smith-Holt, of Richfield, MN.

“He died about 4 days before his paycheck.”

He died from ketoacidosis, when the body can’t use sugar in the blood for energy, so it burns fat and muscle instead. It leads to the buildup of acids called ketones. The cause is lack of insulin.